legal name alexander thomasin Magdalene vanderbilt relationship status widower comic alias + veil status dream. veiled. date of birth SEPTEMBER 7, 1984 / 34 personality istj, slytherin primary / hufflepuff secondary birthplace new york city, new york current residence san francisco, ca occupation special events planner for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, philanthropist social media presence


Elizabeth Mars married Kenneth Vanderbilt with relatively tame fanfare due to both of them being considered to be lesser parts of bigger empires. Both families held considerable amount of money and prestige beneath their belts, and this was more of business transaction than actual love. In particular, Kenneth had already made himself valuable as an investment banker, and Elizabeth worked studiously with her sisters to manage their considerable empire. Even she, however, wanted to eventually settle down, and it was decided that she and Kenneth wanted their future children to fall in line as well.

The process was frustrating. Several miscarriages, and one stillbirth finally led to their gold son: Alexander. Alexander considered that his childhood was unremarkable in every notable aspect on the surface as he was enrolled into the best schools, taught the fine details of uppercrust society, and was tutored at every chance in the thoughts, morals, and expectations he would have growing up. Much of that live cycled around religion, specifically Catholicism. His mother wanted him to be staunchly Catholic, and taught in Catholic institutions, but in some cases, the prestige and money won out over her religious desires. For himself, Alexander found a sort of comfort in religion that he didn't find much elsewhere.

Why? Alexander recalls a childhood that felt lonely. The only son of wealthy parents who spent most of their time with their careers and left him to nannies when he wasn't being shipped off to boarding schools, Alexander never quite fit in as well as his peers, hanging back in school activities, being singled out for being strange, preferring singular activities to do his own when social interaction proved too hard to navigate, and generally awkward around others due to his limited interactions with others. The boarding schools were the worst part of it, as when he couldn't spend time with a nanny who seemed to understand and respect his isolated activities, he felt as the desire to be singular was wrong. Worse, it felt as if everyone else was in on some kind of secret defect about him that he somehow, couldn't see no matter how intensely he searched for what that defect was.

There were hints in the fact that thoughts lingered more on boys than it should, that the few sparse friendships he made with boys and girls alike were equally intense experiences, that he seemed to be drawn to things that felt more suggestive beneath the surface, things that Alexander didn't realize were indications of anything more. Alexander always assumed differently, putting it all on his loneliness and nothing more.

Even in the scant dates he had, they eventually fell by the wayside, none of them feeling completely satisfying. As he entered college, there was a schism between his parents in their marriage. They were starting to fall out of love, or rather, began to realize that their marriage was more personally contentious than what they previously thought. Alexander found himself being the person they all ran to about their problems with each other, which made him uncomfortable to be pulled between his parents like this. Leaving for college was a bit of relief for him, and attending college was closer to boarding schools, so adjusting to things was minimal for him.

Like everything else in life, college felt like just another goal to fulfill for his parents urges and plans for his future. The fact that he'd graduated at sixteen was simply good luck and applying himself. He was not allowed a gap year, and instead pushed to go ahead and "get it done." Alexander was allowed to pursue his own interests in art history and religion, as long as he also took classes in business and finance as well. It was the summer 2003, in his senior year when he met Luna Ibarra by complete chance.

Older than him by about three years, and shorter than him by about four inches, Luna Ibarra left an immediate impression on Alexander. He had been invited as a guest lecturer and Alexander found that he quite literally couldn't get Luna off of his mind after engaging in what Luna framed as a friendly discussion and what Alexander felt was a very impassioned back and forth. (Others would have called this an argument.)

For the first time in his life, Alexander experienced true passion. Numbers were exchanged, and then emails. Alexander graduated, and transferred to the jesuit school of theology of santa clara university, hoping to follow Luna if not accompany him. Then all of that fell by the wayside of a personal transformation that Alexander never thought he'd undertake in all of his life. Luna steadied him, made him feel and express confident. They spent nights awake together, no longer just exchanging emails and texts but an apartment, and then a bed, and then just discovering each other for each other's sake. It was love, and it was everything Alexander had ever heard about and more.

It would have stayed a secret if Alexander hadn't dropped out of school in the wake of self discovery. After awhile, fielding off of his parents didn't work, and his mother dropped in unexpectedly and shit hit the fan almost immediately.

By the time the news of his relationship with Luna hit the airwaves, his parents were already working together to keep him and Luna from touching their fortunes. Some of which was too late; much of the money that Alexander had been entitled to was already in his possession, and the rest he didn't care for. His parents were furious that he was involved with someone supposedly involved with the church, and Luna, while generally pleasant, didn't mince any words for his opinion of them dragging their names in public.

Alexander kept his head down, only replying through lawyers. And as the years went by, he didn't miss his family. He made his own, taking his interests to the art world as an event planner, and happiness with Luna. The two wed when the doors were first open in 2008, and for six more years, things were good. Normal. They built a life together, and slowly, some of his family started to come around to Alexander, his father seeking him out first, and then his grandparents who were surprisingly more than welcome.

In 2014, that's when the trouble started. Alexander received a call from one of Luna's friends that he had fallen from a roof while assisting with building a home. His back was injured, and thus began a long year of Luna's increasingly worse back and spinal injury. Alexander did everything in his power to assist him, including reaching out to those who were top spinal surgeons. The surgeon who contacted him came with what Alexander thought were good references, a Dr. Boyd Franklin. Trusting others, Luna took a chance on the man to operate on him.

The last time Alexander saw him, he kissed him on his forehead. Luna had smiled, made a bad joke, and told Alexander to pray.

Hours later, Alexander was told that something had gone wrong with the surgery. Luna had died on the table from complications.

This was the inciting incident for his parents speaking to him again, personally. Both of them turned up to assist in the funeral. Luna's parents refused to come, and Alexander could only numbly go through the motions himself. He couldn't understand it, how Luna had looked so healthy, and now he was gone at the hands of a doctor who supposedly was highly recommended. The supposed consolation of a hefty life insurance he hadn't known Luna had, was ashes in his mouth. Nothing, none of it made sense.

For a year, Alexander existed in a numbed version of reality. He felt like he was trapped in his childhood again, going through the motions of life. Still, his mind came back to it: to the surgeon who had supposedly been good, who had been recommended, and lauded. The surgeon who, after Alexander started to ask for more details from, was suddenly gone.

Alexander spent the next few years tracking down the doctor, Boyd Franklin across the state of California and Texas. Most of his life, Alexander didn't use his money for much, or use his connections well. This, however, was different. He threw his weight around as far as he could, used every connection to dig and dig into Boyd Franklin. What was uncovered was horrific: The surgeon who had come lauded with accomplishments was actually a fraud. He had left a string of mutilated patients, and a slowly growing list of the dead. People within the medical system had failed more than once in doing their duty, and if they wouldn't do what they were supposed to? Alexander would. The need to exact revenge on him, to bring him to justice, took over Alexander's life. It took communing with other victims, pressuring the medical community, and one more mutilated surgery for Dr. Franklin to be arrested, stripped of his medical license and brought to trial.

It took until mid 2017 for the trial to wrap, and Dr. Franklin to be sentenced to life in prison. It was a widely reported victory for the other victims and Alexander had been, by this point, infamous for his efforts as an activist and a philanthropist. Many expected for him to do more on the stage, and as the years have gone on, he has done what he could. Most assumed that after this was over, Alexander would resume a normal life, and would be satisfied with the doctor's sentence. That he could move on.

Alexander has not. Almost two years later, as Alexander is still coping with the sudden, aching loss of his husband. Even if his parents momentarily came together, and had unilaterally pulled him back in the fold, they were still distant. They believed that Alexander should be looking forward to more, to healing.

He has not told them that he doesn't not think that healing is possible. He has not told them that he is still haunted, still grasping for a purpose now that revenge is complete. And he is not sure if anyone out there could understand.

Worse, he has no idea that someone is lurking inside him who did understand. Someone with entirely different motives.

comic verse

dream came into existence once sentient lifeforms capable of dreaming appeared in the universe. dream was one of the endless, personifications of ideas and concepts that were tied to life, and were fated to fulfill their functions until the universe ended and all life disappeared from the cosmos. the endless are the children of time, and night is the mother of at least dream. the parents, who predate all other existence, have grown estranged and care little for the mortal world dream concerns himself with. dream took abel, the first murder victim, away from his sister death and offered him a place in the dreaming. he made abel a storyteller and gave him the house of secrets to live in. when abel got lonely, dream commissioned his brother cain to join him next door as a storyteller in the house of mystery.

on the night of june 10th, 1916, british occultist roderick burgess and his order of ancient mysteries accidentally summoned dream while trying to summon and imprison death. drained from a recent odyssey, dream was no match for burgess, who stole his ruby, helm and pouch and held him captive in a crystal prison in the basement of his house in wych cross. burgess hoped dream could be coerced into setting up a trap for his sister, but dream refused to speak to him. dream's imprisonment led to worldwide problems. some people slept all day, while others couldn't sleep or experienced waking dreams. among those affected was wesley dodds whose nightmares only stopped when he became the mysteryman sandman and fought crime.

meanwhile, in november of 1930, the items burgess had stolen from dream were in turn stolen by his second-in-command, ruthven sykes and mistress, ethel cripps. sykes traded the helm to choronzon for an amulet to protect himself from burgess' wrath, only to lose it, and the pouch and ruby, when cripps walked out on him in 1936. roderick died in 1947 and alex burgess took over as dream's captor. over the next 40 years, he too attempted to negotiate with dream, to no avail. meanwhile, the order fell apart.

on his way back to the dreaming, dream met marco polo in one of the soft places, where time and space shift like sand. marco gave dream water, and in gratitude dream helped marco leave the soft place, back to the year 1273 and the desert of lop, his point of entry. dream returned to the dreaming, but escaping his prison took a lot out of him, and he collapsed on the way to his castle. he was taken to the house of mystery and cared for by cain and abel. once he was strong enough he went to his castle, and found it in shambles. lucien, his only servant loyal enough to have stayed at the castle during dream's imprisonment told him the dreaming had suffered because of his absence. he summoned the three witches, and they gave him clues as to where he could find his helm, pouch and ruby. [...]

 like dream, has a rather strong sense of duty, self, and a fairly rigid viewpoint of things and is slow to change his mind.
 like dream, has had a huge love of his life. unlike dream, however, their affections lasted their entire lives as much as they were able to.
 like dream, once the flame of that love has gone out, he has no compunction to go back to desire, or as it were, love.
 has a colder personality post his state as a widower, much like dream can be broody and cold.


 Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University - Berkeley, California
      dropped out, did not complete studies
 Fordham University - New York City
      BA, religous studies and art history, minor in economics
 St. Andrew's School - Middletown, Delaware
 Our Lady of Sorrows Parish School - Manhattan, New York City

do not call him alex, lex, xan, xander, or any other dimunitive. it's alexander. period.
speaks english, french, spanish, and isn't bad at translating latin.
is a KINSEY 4, bisexual with a strong prefrence for men. however, has no interest in moving on from luna at this time, and he thinks, at any time. is incredibly annoyed when the media links him up with other people.
when it comes to people, he's generally an introverted person and can come off as cold to most due to his introversion, even with luna opening him up over the years. it's not always intentional on his part, though these days he has a better sense of when to lean into it. he makes awkward, unpracticed attempts to reach other people and at times, comes off more harsh when he means to be. he also tends to be a little blunter than necessary, and tries to apologize when talked to.
is still catholic, but considers himself lapsed due to loss of faith in the church, digust with the church's history, and luna's death
only on paper do he and his family get along. they will do events together and he likes strong arming them into supporting queer causes, but they don't speak outside of those obligations.
struggles with reckoning with his previous passivity that he had growing up, and questions why he didn't rebel like others until he was an adult.
keeps in touch with felix, his husband's best friend, pretty frequently.

general enjoyments
: nbc kings, cold foods, historical fiction (the tudors, vikings especially), poetry, gargoyles, star trek, the twilight zone, noir movies, telenovelas
: true crime, reporters, finance, banksy, hot foods, people who attempt to give him nicknames, having to do pr, busybodies

important dates
met luna and officially became a couple in 2003
was outed publicly in 2005
married in 2008 when gay marriage was first legalized in california (and legally, has been married ever since) and sister in law moved to CA to pursue studies
in 2014, luna fell while working on a house, injured his back.
luna dies in 2015 on the table due to medical malpractice
2016, doctor responsible for luna's death is apprehended.
doctor is stripped of license, jailed, and convicted for multiple medical crimes

fun with tropes
bi the way / single target sexuality
dysfuntional family
sugar and ice personality
broken bird
insecure love interest
raised catholic
hot for preacher
Desperately Looking for a Purpose in Life


powers Personification of Dreams Insight Dream Artistry and Making
places / items
 the dreaming
 sand of sleep
 ruby dream stone
 helm of dreams

 early existence
 the overture
 the imprisonment