TO: Victor Fries
FROM: Sikander Winters
SUBJECT: Housekeeping

I read what you left me last month. I know that I have no choice in what we do with this. I know that there is something wrong with my body, and that you have your own agenda that you will seek regardless of what I want. I am grateful that you kept an itinerary and that you fed my cats.

I still want to establish two things, and ask for one favor.

The first - Keep my practice operating in any capacity available. I know that you don’t seem to be connected to anyone -- I however, have patients that still need to be seen. If you have to call out for me, that’s fine. I also have colleagues that should be able to fill in for me and I’ve attached their contacts here. These people need care, and if you want me to cooperate in any way further, then you’re going to do this. It is the smallest task I can ask for.

The second - If any of my or Luna’s family members contact you, do not respond to them period. I can handle you speaking to Felix or Alice. You seem to be able to fake it enough. Luna and I agreed that if our families wouldn’t accept us, we wouldn’t speak to them. After Luna died, this goes double.

And now the favor. I have a man’s information attached to this email. I want you to get rid of him and only him. I know that you’re capable of covering your tracks, and I’m very aware that you’re goal oriented. IF you get rid of him, I can leave you enough information to help you going forward in the next few months, as long as the two terms above are honored.