elise fordham
quarantining in san francisco

full name
elise diana fordham
date of birth / age
14 november, 1984 / 35
place of birth
scarsdale, new york
san francisco, california
public relations consultant & firm owner
gossip writer, page six
(under 'ellie kyle' pseudonym)

marital status
interesting & interested
ron fordham (father, casino owner)
louise calabrese-fordham (mother, "lifestyle guru")
half-siblings, tbd
convent of the sacred heart
new york university
BS. journalism
MA. public relations
true neutral, [scorpio sun, capricorn moon], 8w9, INTJ-A.

Action Girl
Badass Normal
Classy Cat Burglar
Do You Trust Me?
Intrepid Reporter
Friendly Enemy
Reformed But Not Tamed


westchester county invites a certain kind of individual, after a hard day’s work in manhattan. there are tudor buildings, manicured front lawns, and screaming toddlers with bright eyes and bruises on their foreheads. elise fordham, born into a multi-million dollar empire of a family, had outsmarted her nannies, yet again, and clocked herself in the head with a too-high-book-on-a-shelf in the library. little ellie was a handful and a half for two parents who didn’t consciously parent her. they’d spent more time accumulating wealth, curating a certain image of their family, and attending lavish gatherings than holding a bag of frozen peas to their child’s head. that was the kind of place where she grew up, at least; buttoned into uniforms and bussed to the nicest parochial schools that the northeast could supply. ellie, it was safe to say, was, coincidentally, a perfectly-placed, nosy, intelligent complement to everything ron and louise’d displayed to the public.

this trend continued throughout her schooling. ellie — now going by elise — had the gifts of being both ambitious and innovative; things that’d allowed her to charisma her way through her family’s wealth and connections. while she worked at new york university, she’d begun submitting blind items to page six.. new york’s premier gossip source. there was, she’d seen, a fair amount of drama and acclaim that came with being such a mouthpiece. elise fordham became ellie kyle, at least on paper. no one was any the wiser when their quiet conversations at galas, when their dirty looks or snubs-to-the-waiter were aired like laundry for all of manhattan to digest. not a soul thought that such pot-stirring information could come from elise; ron and louise’s beautiful, smart, project-your-own-fondness-here, daughter. and yet.

with the years of exposés and social-climbing behind her, elise now works on a pro-bono basis as a public relations consultant; not that it makes amends for any of the cheating scandals she unearthed, the dirty-doings of the finance world, or calling out the “fancy” people who rented their clothes rather than bought them. she doesn’t need the money; she never did and never will, but it’s more the theory of the thing. she’d topped the investigative game; now, it was time to keep others from falling into her peril.. or one like hers.

rather than flame out, elise moved to the west coast to begin her consulting project; first she’d bounced to los angeles, and quickly fatigued by all the kombucha-drinking-influencers’ white noise, slid over to the bay area. there, she represents a few select clients, mostly silicon-valley executives, and artfully spins their stories (dirty laundry and clean) while the country is keen on taking down executives at large. that said, she lives a comfortable life in her own home; she proudly homes two cats (isis and eos) and has an office in the financial district. every third week of the month, however, she’s been starting to take mondays off.. the recent spate of headaches she's succumbing to is becoming virtually unbearable.

all things considered, the cat burglar living in her head doesn't know how good she has it, but she's about to find out.

  • gifted writer
  • adept with a butterfly knife
  • speaks conversational french
  • notable infosec/hacking skills
    »(on forums as 5PH1NX)
  • athletic; trained ballet dancer
  • charismatic; expert schmoozer/networker

locked incentives: skills & gear
  • acrobatics ✓ CV/AU
    » extreme balance
    » extreme agility
    » extreme coordination
    » gymnastic ability
    » contortionist ability

  • martial arts
    » boxing
  • disguise
  • seduction
  • stealth
  • survival
    » tracking
    » hand-to-hand combat
  • weaponry
    » firearms
    » swordsmanship
    » stick fighting
  • thievery ✓ CV/AU
    » lockpicking
    » pickpocketing
    » espionage
    » fencing
    » piracy & hacking

  • throwing & marksmanship
    » knives
    » grappling hooks
    » bolas
  • multilingualism
    » fluency in mandarin
  • catsuit
    » original (purple bodysuit)
    » rebirth (redesigned main suit)
  • bullwhip ✓ CV/AU
    » cat o'nine tails
  • the catacombs ✓ CV/AU

locked incentives: au knowledge
  • memories of gotham city ✓ AU ONLY
  • memories of selina kyle/catwoman
  • memories of bruce wayne/batman & bat family
  • memories of alliances (justice league, sirens)

  • mother's maiden name is a nod to the calabrese crime family, where selina canonically became a mob boss.
  • has two cats, one of which is named after selina's cat isis.
  • has a penchant for exposing corruption on her own terms, a form of vigilantism.
  • owned a cadillac ct-6v as a nod to catwoman's kitty car, until victor creed wrecked it. she drives a 2020 alfa romeo 4C spider as of february 21, 2020.